DRIVE SHAFT, 25″ 90 DEG. 92-306-04-25B
February 12, 2024
PROPSHAFT, 1 3/16″, 800 SERIES
February 13, 2024
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DRIVE SHAFT, 25″ 60 DEG. 92-306-04-25C


  1. Length and Angle: This drive shaft is 25 inches long and angled at 60 degrees, specifically designed to suit certain marine applications requiring this configuration.
  2. Function: It serves as a critical link between the engine and the propeller, transmitting rotational power from the engine to the lower unit or gearcase, ultimately driving the propeller and propelling the boat forward.
  3. Material: Typically crafted from robust and corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or hardened steel to withstand the harsh marine environment and the operational stresses.
  4. Compatibility: Engineered to seamlessly fit into compatible marine engines and lower units, ensuring proper alignment and efficient power transmission.
  5. Importance: The integrity of the drive shaft is crucial for the reliable and smooth operation of the propulsion system. Any damage or wear could lead to inefficiencies, power loss, and potential damage to other components if not addressed promptly.
  6. Maintenance: Regular inspection, lubrication, and preventive maintenance are essential to extend the drive shaft’s lifespan and ensure optimal performance. Timely replacement of worn or damaged drive shafts is vital to prevent further damage to the propulsion system.