Everything You Need To Know About Stand Up Paddle Boarding In 2018

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March 23, 2018
Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is a surfing sport. This sports branch comes from Hawaii. This sport is not the same as traditional design because the rider has to stand on the board and use the oars to crashing the waves. You can do this sport in the river, lake, and so forth. This sportswear is tailored to air and water temperature.

Basic Equipment

You need to know the basic equipment needed for this sport. You must bring this equipment to row safely in the river or sea.

Stand Up Paddle Board

You should know that row boards have different sizes and shapes. The most common materials are fiberglass and epoxy that will wrap around the foam core of the EPS. The board has fins for use over water. This board is thicker than a surfboard. Usually, this board is about 8 to 12 feet in width 28 to 32 inches and 4 to 5 inches thick. Beginners should choose boards that are thick, long, and wide because the board can be a stable footing to stand on the water. If you are a professional, then you can choose a board with a small size. You can buy stand up paddle board for sale that complies with the above rules.


The paddle also has a variety of materials such as carbon fiber, wood, aluminum, and plastic. The construction has various shafts, blades, and handles. You must comply with the general rule that the paddle should have 6 to 10 inches higher than the rower. You can use long sides for calm water and short sides for the waves.


This is the part that can keep the paddle board fixed to your feet because of the Velcro straps around the calves and ankles. You can use a rope of the same size or smaller than your board. You must use the rope so that you do not fall when the waves are big. Row boards can harm you.

Board Bags

You should use a board bag to help carry your board and ensure that your boards stay safe during the trip. This bag will make it easier for you to save the paddle board.

Stand up paddle boarding tips

This is an easy sport when you know the technique to do this sport properly. Maybe you will fall many times when you first try to paddle in the ocean. You can practice by following stand up paddle boarding tips.

Choose a Stable Board

You should choose a stable board and do not forget to practice in the water that is flat and calm. The board should make you feel comfortable and you will not be unstable when standing on the board. If you feel that the board is unstable, then you can try to use a board that is wider and bigger than the usual size. There are many people who practice with small boards so you cannot get the balance. This makes you feel desperate.

How to Hold the Paddle

You must hold the paddle with one hand on the paddle and the other hand in the center of the shaft. You should bend your elbows 90 degrees to hold the paddle. This position will make you feel comfortable to pedal your board. You should keep the knife angle up and face you. If your oars fall, then the oars will float and not drown.

How to Stand on a Paddle Board

You have to remember that you can fall so you have to start in the water that is flat and calm. Maybe you can wear wetsuits. You must bring the board into the water and the board fins can touch the bottom of the water. You can kneel on a board and stand on one leg and you should keep your feet in a position parallel to the stringer. You have to keep the bend on your knee centered on the board. You should practice to stand up paddle boarding.

Forward Stroke

The lower hand serves as a fulcrum and the upper hand serves to move the lever. Your forearm should be silent and straight. You have to pull your upper arm toward your body to achieve a longer paddle forward position and you should turn your shoulders upward to expand your reach. You can put the paddle as far as possible into the water and you should change your paddle position as the sides of the paddle move.

Forward Sweep Stroke

If you want to turn left, then you have to put the paddle on the right side. You should also rotate your body to the left side. You have to pull the paddle to the right with the body leaning on the left. You can definitely sense that your board is moving to the left quickly.

Best stand up paddle board for sale

This is a unique sport for adventure in the oceans, lakes, and rivers but there are many people who do not have the skills to stand on this board. You should buy stand up paddle board inflatablefor investment. If you have a practical board, then you can practice in various places. You can carry the board on the way.

The Isle Airtech

This board has a 12-feet long cruise style and you can remove two small fins on this board. This is a lightweight board and you can keep the equipment on the front. Grippy surface will prevent you from slipping off this board.

Adventurer 2

The length of this board is 10 feet weighing 26 pounds. The board is equipped with manual pumps and fiber paddles. You will find a handle on the tail and nose to transport two people.

Isle Surf

This is the right board for beginners and professionals. The 10-feet board has a center handle with a bungee system at six points. This board can keep you cool in a cool style. You will get an aluminum paddle. This is the best inflatable stand up paddle board for your family.


You can use the board at an affordable price. It is a 10-foot long, stable, stable board equipped with travel bags, pressure gauges, aluminum paddles, and manual pumps.

Ten Toes Board

This is a recreation board that works great. The weight of this board is only 27 kilograms and you can store some equipment in the bungee section. You can do great maneuvers without falling into the water. You can choose a variety of bright colors.

Those are some things related to stand up paddle boarding.

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