Mercury Trim Tab Power Unit Pt505N-2 Mounted On An Aluminum Bulk Head Bracket Wired Complete With So
September 30, 2020
Dana Trim Tab Power Unit 3-Wire Steel Frame 24V Motor/Plastic Res/2-Hose Pump
September 30, 2020
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24V Pt Motor 3Wire


24V Pt Motor 3Wire


Product Features:

  1. Voltage:
    • The power trim motor operates on a 24-volt electrical system. This voltage specification is crucial for compatibility with the electrical setup of certain marine or automotive applications.
  2. 3-Wire Configuration:
    • The motor is designed with a 3-wire configuration. This configuration often includes wires for positive, negative, and a control wire, allowing for precise control of the power trim function.
  3. Warranty:
    • The product comes with a 1-year warranty. This warranty period ensures that customers have the assurance of product quality and performance over the specified time frame.


  • Power trim motors are commonly used in marine and automotive applications to control the tilt and trim of outboard motors or stern drives. This functionality allows users to optimize the boat’s running attitude for different conditions.


  • Proper installation, including correct wiring and connections, is crucial for the reliable performance of the power trim motor. Users should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations during installation.
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