October 28, 2020
PCM, Crusader, Indmar, Westerbeke & Others, 12V 85-Amp 2″ Mounting Foot V-Groove Pulley
October 28, 2020
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Crusader 12V 85-Amp, 2″ Mounting Foot 6-Groove Serpentine Pulley


Fits Crusader
Replaces Delco # 19020606
New Delco Style 7-SI Alternator Serpentine Pulley, 66mm
3-Wire Hook-Up, Tachometer Lead, Negative Ground, 70-Amp
Ignition Protected SAEJ1171
Can Replace API # 20057 Or # 20093 By Using API# WH7SI Adapter Plug
Arco# 20820
OE# 19020606
Sierra# 18-5984


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Upgrade Your Crusader Engine with the Crusader 12V 85-Amp Alternator for Peak Performance

Enhance the electrical system of your Crusader engine with the Crusader 12V 85-Amp Alternator. This high-performance alternator is designed to provide superior power and reliability. Here are the key features that make it an excellent choice:

  • Fits Crusader Engines: Tailored to fit Crusader engines, this alternator ensures a perfect match for seamless integration into your marine system.
  • Replaces Delco # 19020606: Replacing the Delco # 19020606, this alternator brings the reliability of Delco to your Crusader engine, known for its quality and durability.
  • New Delco Style 7-SI Alternator: Featuring the latest Delco Style 7-SI design, this alternator is engineered for modern performance, delivering efficient and consistent power.
  • Serpentine Pulley, 66mm: The 66mm serpentine pulley ensures smooth power transmission, reducing wear and enhancing the overall efficiency of the alternator.
  • 3-Wire Hook-Up, Tachometer Lead, Negative Ground, 70-Amp: The 3-wire hook-up, along with a tachometer lead and negative ground, provides a comprehensive electrical solution for your engine, supporting various systems.
  • Ignition Protected SAEJ1171: Complying with the Ignition Protected SAEJ1171 standard, this alternator ensures safe operation, protecting against potential ignition hazards.
  • Can Replace API # 20057 Or # 20093: With the option to replace API # 20057 or # 20093 using API # WH7SI Adapter Plug, this alternator offers flexibility in adapting to different configurations.
  • Arco# 20820: Identified by Arco’s part number 20820, this alternator is recognized for its quality and compatibility.
  • OE# 19020606: The OE part number 19020606 confirms that this alternator is a direct replacement for the specified Delco model.
  • Sierra# 18-5984: Sierra’s part number 18-5984 further affirms the alternator’s compatibility with a range of engines.
  • Higher Output Option (API’s #20112-100A): For those seeking even more power, there’s an option to upgrade to API’s #20112-100A for higher output.
  • Warranty: Backed by a one-year warranty, this alternator provides peace of mind regarding its performance and durability.

Ensure your Crusader engine operates at its best with the Crusader 12V 85-Amp Alternator. With features like the serpentine pulley design, 3-wire hook-up, and compatibility with API adapters, this alternator is a versatile and reliable choice for marine enthusiasts. The option for a higher output version (API #20112-100A) caters to those with increased power needs. With the reassurance of a one-year warranty, this alternator is an excellent investment for optimizing your marine engine’s electrical system.

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