Yanmar 4TNV98 & 4TNV98T, 12V 9-Tooth CW Rotation, Rplc #129900-77010
October 22, 2020
Mercury OMC Volvo Solenoid Late Model Delco 12V Fits API #10099DR & 10099HD
Mercury OMC Volvo Solenoid Late Model Delco 12V Fits API #10099DR & 10099HD
October 22, 2020
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Delco 24V Double Stage Solenoid


Delco Style
Double Stage
Parallel Switch
Replc. Delco # 1119845
For 12V Systems With 24V Starter
Rated 400 Amps

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Key Features:

  1. Delco Style – Reliable Construction:
    • Crafted in the style of Delco, known for its reliability in automotive and marine applications.
  2. Double Stage Parallel Switch:
    • Equipped with a double-stage parallel switch mechanism, providing enhanced performance.
  3. Application Compatibility – Replaces Delco # 1119845:
    • Specifically designed to replace a Delco part number 1119845, ensuring compatibility with the intended systems.
  4. Suitable for 12V Systems With 24V Starter:
    • Tailored for use in systems with a 12V setup paired with a 24V starter, providing a versatile solution.
  5. Amp Rating – 400 Amps:
    • Rated for a substantial 400 amps, indicating robust performance and capability to handle demanding electrical loads.
  6. Arco Part Number:
    • Identified by Arco part number SOL0502 for convenient reference and ordering.
  7. OE (Original Equipment) Part Number:
    • OE# 1119845 serves as the original equipment part number, confirming its compatibility with the intended systems.
  8. Voltage Compatibility – 24V:
    • Designed to operate seamlessly within 24-volt electrical systems, common in certain marine and industrial setups.
  9. Warranty:
    • Backed by a 1-year warranty, ensuring the solenoid’s durability and performance over an extended period.

The Delco 24V Double Stage Solenoid is a reliable and high-performance component designed for compatibility with 12V systems featuring a 24V starter. Replacing Delco part number 1119845, this solenoid is crafted in the Delco style known for its durability. The double-stage parallel switch mechanism enhances its functionality. With an impressive 400-amp rating, it can handle substantial electrical loads. Arco part number SOL0502 and OE part number 1119845 provide clear references for procurement. Operating on a 24V voltage, this solenoid is suitable for various applications. The 1-year warranty underscores its durability and reliability in demanding conditions.

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