Detroit, CAT, Cummins & Others 32V 70-Amp Saddle Mount 7/8″ Shaft Leece Neville Style Alternator 2-W
October 28, 2020
Detroit, CAT, Cummins & Others 24V 70-Amp Saddle Mount 7/8″ Shaft Delco 21-SI Style Alternator 2-Wir
October 28, 2020
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Detroit, CAT, Cummins & Others 12V 160-Amp Saddle Mount 7/8″ Shaft Delco 21-SI Style Alternator 1-Wi


Delco 21SI &22SI Are Used On Cat, Detroit, Cummins Diesel Engines
One-Wire System Neg Ground
Delco # 10459050; 10459051; 19010192;

Mount legs are Spaced 4″apart

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Upgrade Your Diesel Engine with the 12V 160-Amp Saddle Mount Delco 21-SI Style Alternator

Here’s why this alternator stands out:

  • Delco 21SI & 22SI Style: These are highly regarded styles commonly found in engines from reputable manufacturers like Caterpillar (CAT), Detroit, Cummins, and more. This alternator embodies quality and reliability.
  • One-Wire System: With a one-wire system, installation is straightforward and efficient. Get your engine up and running in no time.
  • Negative Ground: Configured with the standard negative ground, this alternator is compatible with most diesel engines. You won’t need to worry about compatibility issues.
  • Sturdy Saddle Mount with 7/8″ Shaft: Built to withstand demanding conditions, this alternator features a robust construction and a 7/8″ shaft.
  • Mount Leg Spacing: The mount legs are conveniently spaced 4 inches apart, making it easy to secure in place.
  • Delco Numbers: This alternator is an ideal match for Delco numbers 10459050, 10459051, and 19010192.
  • Warranty: Gain confidence in the performance and durability of this alternator, backed by a solid one-year warranty.

Whether your engine hails from Caterpillar, Detroit, Cummins, or another trusted brand, this Delco 21-SI Style Alternator is primed to deliver the power and reliability you demand. The one-wire system simplifies installation, and its rugged construction can handle the toughest conditions. Backed by a one-year warranty, this alternator is a reliable choice for your diesel engine.

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