Volvo Penta 4&6 Cyl 12V 9-Tooth CW Rotation, Replaces Volvo #’s 834976, 840808 & 859553
October 20, 2020
Ford 460 CI Block used on Mercuiser & OMC 1 Threaded Mounting Hole CCW Rotation
October 20, 2020
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Ford 302 & 351 CI Blocks used on PCM Engines CCW Rotation DE Extends 2-3/8″ into Flywheel.


Same As 10029, but this starter Is Counter ClockWise Rotation.
D.E. Housing Extends 2-3/8″ Into Flywheel.
Replaces Pcm # Ra122002
Replacement Solenoid: SW79
Arco# 70101
OE# RA122002
Sierra# 18-5904

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Key Features:

  • CCW Rotation: Counter-clockwise rotation for compatibility with Ford 302 & 351 CI blocks on PCM Engines.
  • D.E. Housing Extension: Extends 2-3/8″ into the flywheel effective engagement.
  • Compatibility: Designed for use on PCM Engines with Ford 302 & 351 CI blocks.
  • Replacement Solenoid: Compatible with SW79 solenoid convenient replacement if needed.
  • Arco #: 70101
  • OE #: RA122002
  • Sierra #: 18-5904
  • Warranty: Covered by a 1-year warranty for added assurance.

Upgrade your PCM Engine’s starting performance with the Ford 302 & 351 CI Blocks Starter designed for CCW rotation. This starter is specifically engineered for Ford 302 and 351 CI blocks, providing reliable and efficient operation.

The counter-clockwise rotation ensures compatibility with the specified engine configurations. The durable construction features a drive end (D.E.) housing that extends 2-3/8″ into the flywheel, ensuring effective engagement during start-up.

Designed for PCM Engines, this starter replaces PCM #RA122002 and is compatible with the SW79 solenoid for convenient replacement when necessary. Arco #70101 is covered by a 1-year warranty, offering peace of mind and confidence in its performance.

Upgrade your marine engine’s starting system with this Ford 302 & 351 CI Blocks Starter, ensuring reliable and efficient starts for your PCM Engine.

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