Ford CW Rotation 9-tooth used on Crusader & others. DE Extends 2″ into flywheel
October 20, 2020
Ford PMGR High Torque used on OMC, Volvo & PCM 5.0 & 5.8L Engines 10-Tooth CW
October 20, 2020
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Ford PMGR High Torque used as a Late Model Replacement for API #10040 & 10041


Arco# 70216
Sierra# 18-5927
PMGR High Torque Starter

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Key Features:

  • High Torque Performance: PMGR HI TORQUE STARTER designed for enhanced torque and reliable starting.
  • Compatibility: Suitable as a Late Model Replacement for API #10040 & 10041.
  • OEM Replacements: Replaces OMC part number 984628.
  • Arco and Sierra Replacements: Arco# 70216, Sierra# 18-5927.
  • Warranty: Covered by a 1-year warranty, providing assurance of its durability and quality.

Upgrade to the Ford PMGR High Torque Starter for Late Model Replacement, designed for superior torque and dependable starting performance. This starter is crafted to serve as a compatible replacement for API #10040 & 10041. It is a reliable option for late-model applications where these API numbers are applicable. The starter replaces OMC part number 984628, ensuring compatibility with OMC engines. With clockwise rotation (CW), it engages effectively with the engine for powerful starts. The starter is backed by a 1-year warranty, offering confidence in its durability and quality. Choose this high-torque starter for reliable and efficient starting on your late-model marine engines.

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