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October 24, 2020
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Mercury 10 Tooth O/B Starter 75-90 HP


Mercury & Mariner
Fits 4 Cyl. 1977-94, 75-90 H.P.
Fits 3 Cyl. 1986-88, 80 H.P. 65-Jet
Rplc. Merc #’s 50-60315, 50-65436,
50-66015, 66015-2 & 66015T1
10 Tooth Starter Drive
Arco# 5375
OE# 50-893891T
Sierra# 18-5604

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Key Features:

  • Compatibility: This starter is designed for Mercury and Mariner engines, specific fitting 4-Cylinder models from 1977 to 1994 with a power range of 75-90 horsepower. It also fits 3-Cylinder models from 1986 to 1988, including the 80 HP 65-Jet.
  • Arco# 5375: The Arco part number 5375 uniquely identifies this Mercury 10 Tooth Outboard Starter. Arco is a reputable manufacturer known for producing high-quality marine parts.
  • OE# 50-893891T: The OEM part number 50-893891T serves as a direct reference for this starter, indicating that it is a genuine Mercury replacement part. This ensures compatibility and adherence to Mercury’s specifications.
  • 10 Tooth Starter Drive: The starter features a 10-tooth drive, providing efficient engagement with the engine’s flywheel. This tooth configuration delivers the necessary torque for a reliable and powerful engine start.
  • Rplc. Merc #’s 50-60315, 50-65436, 50-66015, 66015-2 & 66015T1: This starter serves as a replacement for multiple Mercury part numbers, including 50-60315, 50-65436, 50-66015, 66015-2, and 66015T1. This versatility allows it to cover various models within the specified power range.
  • Warranty: The starter comes with a 1-year warranty, providing assurance of its quality and reliability. This warranty covers potential defects or issues that may occur during the specified timeframe.

Ensure smooth and powerful starts for your Mercury or Mariner engine with this 10 Tooth Outboard Starter designed for 75-90 HP applications. The compatibility information, OEM part number, and warranty offer valuable details for users seeking a dependable replacement starter.

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