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October 24, 2020
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Mercury 9 Tooth O/B Starter 2.5L -3.0L V-6


Fits Mercury OPTIMAX 1999-Up 2.5 DFI
1996-99, 200 V-6 DFI
1998-Up, 225 V-6 DFI
1999-Up 3.0L V-6
Rplc. Merc #’s 50-833153-1,-2,-3,-5,-T4
9-Tooth Starter Drive
Arco# 5381
OE# 50-898265008
Sierra# 18-6283

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Key Features:

  • Compatibility: The Mercury V-6 Outboard Starter with 9-tooth drive is designed for specific Mercury engines, including OPTIMAX models from 1999 onwards with a 2.5L DFI (Direct Fuel Injection). It is also compatible with 1996-1999 200 V-6 DFI, 1998 onwards 225 V-6 DFI, and 1999 onwards 3.0L V-6 engines. This ensures that the starter is precisely tailored for these engine types.
  • 9-Tooth Starter Drive: Featuring a 9-tooth starter drive, this component engages with the engine’s flywheel for efficient cranking and starting. The 9-tooth configuration is optimized for the specifications of the designated Mercury V-6 engines.
  • Replaces Mercury OEM Part Numbers: The starter serves as a direct replacement for Mercury OEM part numbers 50-833153-1, -2, -3, -5, and -T4. Users can confidently use this starter as a reliable substitute for the specified original equipment manufacturer part numbers.
  • Arco# 5381: The Arco part number 5381 uniquely identifies this Mercury V-6 Outboard Starter. Arco is a reputable brand known for producing high-quality marine parts, and this part number helps users locate the exact starter model.
  • OE# 50-898265008: The OEM part number 50-898265008 serves as a precise identifier for this starter. Users can refer to this number to ensure an exact match for their Mercury V-6 engines.
  • Sierra# 18-6283: The Sierra part number 18-6283 provides an alternative reference for this starter. Sierra is a well-known brand in the marine industry, and their part numbers offer an additional point of identification.
  • Warranty: The starter comes with a 1-year warranty, providing users with assurance of its durability and performance. This warranty covers potential defects or issues that may arise during the specified timeframe.

Upgrade your Mercury V-6 engine with this 9-tooth starter, designed for precise compatibility with OPTIMAX and other specified models. The warranty ensures confidence in the product’s quality and longevity.

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