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October 26, 2020
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Nissan O/B Starter 25 & 30 HP 9 Tooth


OEM HITACHI STARTER Fits Tohatsu & Nissan 25-30 H.P.
Rplc. Hitachi # S108-98
9-Tooth Starter Drive
Tohatsu #346-76010 25HP
OE# 346-76010
Sierra# 18-6431

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Key Features:

  • OEM Hitachi Starter: This starter is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part manufactured by Hitachi, a reputable brand known for producing high-quality starters. It is specifically designed to fit Tohatsu and Nissan outboard engines with horsepower ratings of 25-30 H.P.
  • Fits Tohatsu & Nissan Models: The starter is designed to fit Tohatsu and Nissan outboard engines with horsepower ratings of 25-30 H.P. This makes it a suitable replacement for specific models within the specified power range, enhancing the versatility of the product.
  • Replaces Hitachi OEM Number: The starter serves as a direct replacement for the Hitachi OEM part number S108-98. This OEM number is essential for identifying the correct replacement starter for the specified Tohatsu and Nissan outboard engines.
  • 9-Tooth Starter Drive: Featuring a 9-tooth starter drive, this configuration is optimized for effective engagement with the engine’s flywheel during the starting process. The design contributes to smooth and reliable engine starts.
  • Fits Tohatsu OEM Number: The starter replaces the Tohatsu OEM part number 346-76010 associated with the 25HP model. This OEM number is crucial for ensuring compatibility with the intended Tohatsu outboard engine.
  • OE# 346-76010: The OE (original equipment) number 346-76010 is provided as a reference to the Tohatsu part number associated with this starter. This number is essential for ensuring compatibility with the intended outboard engine models.
  • Sierra# 18-6431: Sierra is a well-known brand in the marine industry, and the Sierra part number 18-6431 serves as an additional reference for this starter.
  • Warranty: The starter is backed by a 1-year warranty, offering assurance to users regarding the product’s durability and quality. This warranty covers potential defects or issues that may arise during the specified timeframe.

Upgrade your Tohatsu and Nissan outboard engines with this OEM Hitachi starter, ensuring reliable and efficient starts. The replacement of the Hitachi OEM part number, along with the warranty coverage, emphasizes the product’s reliability and performance.

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