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Northern Lights Diesel Alternator 12V 35-Amp, Replaces N/L # 185046180


OE# 185046180

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Key Features:

  • Precise Replacement: This alternator is carefully engineered to serve as a precise and dependable replacement for Northern Lights (N/L) # 185046180. It guarantees a smooth fit for your specific generator or application.
  • Steady Power Output: Designed to provide a consistent 12V and 35-Amp output, this alternator ensures the efficient and reliable operation of your generator, providing the power you need.
  • OE# 185046180: This alternator proudly carries the OE# 185046180 designation, underlining its quality and compatibility with your Northern Lights generator.


  • Product Name: Northern Lights Diesel Alternator 12V 35-Amp
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 35-Amp
  • Compatibility: Replaces Northern Lights (N/L) # 185046180
  • Warranty: 1 year

For the reliable performance of your Northern Lights generator or similar applications, precision and reliability are essential. Our Northern Lights Diesel Alternator offers a dependable replacement with a steady power output, OE# compatibility, and a 1-year warranty, ensuring a reliable power source for your marine adventures. Trust in the quality and performance of this alternator from API Marine.

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