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October 26, 2020
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Suzuki 115-140 HP 9 Tooth O/B Starter



OE#31100-94600; 31100-94601; 31100-94610
Sierra# 18-6416
ARCO #3444

HITACHI # S114-673

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Key Features:

  • Aftermarket Starter: This starter is an aftermarket solution designed for Suzuki outboard engines with power ratings of 115 and 140 horsepower. It provides a reliable and cost-effective option for replacing or upgrading the starter on your Suzuki outboard motor.
  • Application: Specifically engineered Suzuki outboard engines with power ratings of 115 and 140 HP. The starter’s design and specifications are tailored to meet the requirements of these Suzuki outboard models.
  • OE Part Numbers: Compatible with Suzuki OE part numbers 31100-94600, 31100-94601, and 31100-94610. These OE part numbers ensure alignment with Suzuki’s original specifications, indicating that the starter is designed to meet the manufacturer’s standards.
  • Hitachi Part Number: Recognized by Hitachi part number S114-673. The use of Hitachi components further emphasizes the starter’s quality and compatibility with Suzuki outboard engines.
  • Arco Reference: Identified by Arco reference number 3444. The Arco reference serves as an indicator of compatibility, aligning with OE specifications for Suzuki outboard engines in the 115-140 HP range.
  • Sierra Reference: Recognized by Sierra reference number 18-6416. The Sierra reference further confirms compatibility with Suzuki outboard models, providing an additional point of reference for users.
  • Warranty: The product is backed by a 1-year warranty, offering assurance and support in case of any unexpected issues. The warranty period underscores the product’s quality and provides peace of mind to users.
  • 9-Tooth Starter Drive: The starter features a 9-tooth drive, ensuring effective engagement with the engine for reliable starting performance.
  • Durability: Constructed from durable materials to withstand the challenges of marine environments. The robust design ensures longevity and reliable performance, contributing to a dependable starting experience for Suzuki outboard engines.
  • Easy Installation: Engineered for straightforward installation on Suzuki outboard engines with 115 and 140 HP. The design aligns with the specifications of these engine models, facilitating a hassle-free integration process.

Upgrade your Suzuki outboard engine with the Suzuki Outboard Starter for 115-140 HP, offering reliability and efficiency in starting performance. The aftermarket design, coupled with OE, Hitachi, Arco, and Sierra references, ensures compatibility and quality.

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