Yanmar Small Engines, 12V 35-Amp Saddle Mount, Replaces Yanmar #’s 121370-77200 & 128270-77200
October 28, 2020
Yanmar, Perkins & Many Small Diesel Auxillary Engs. 12V 120-Amp with a 3-1/4″ Saddle Mount, Internal
October 28, 2020
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Westerbeke 12V 50-Amp, Saddle Mount V-Groove Pulley, Replces Westerbeke #30594


Fits Westerbeke
Rplc. Westerbeke # 30594
Single V-Groove Pulley
50 Amp
W-Tach Lead
For Use On Diesel Engines Only
Arco# 86050
OE# 30594
Sierra# 18-5900

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Enhance Your Westerbeke Engine with the 12V 50-Amp Saddle Mount Alternator

Upgrade the charging capabilities of your Westerbeke engine with the 12V 50-Amp Saddle Mount Alternator. Packed with features to optimize performance, this alternator is designed to meet the demanding needs of your marine adventures:

  • Fits Westerbeke Engines: Specifically engineered to seamlessly fit Westerbeke engines, this alternator ensures a perfect match for your marine power system.
  • Single V-Groove Pulley: The single V-groove pulley design enhances the efficiency of belt operation, ensuring smooth and reliable power transfer.
  • 50 Amp Output: With a 50-amp output capacity, this alternator delivers a robust charging performance, meeting the power demands of your vessel’s electrical systems.
  • With Tachometer Lead: The inclusion of a tachometer lead simplifies the integration of tachometer systems, providing accurate RPM readings for precise engine monitoring.
  • For Diesel Engines Only: Engineered specifically for diesel engines, this alternator is well-suited for the unique requirements of diesel-powered marine applications.
  • Arco# 86050: Identified by Arco# 86050, this alternator is a reliable and quality solution for enhancing the electrical capabilities of your Westerbeke engine.
  • OE# 30594, Sierra# 18-5900: Replaces Westerbeke OE# 30594, ensuring compatibility and easy integration into your existing engine setup. Also compatible with Sierra# 18-5900.
  • Warranty: 1 Year: Backed by a one-year warranty, this alternator provides assurance of its durability and performance.

Upgrade your Westerbeke engine’s charging system with the 12V 50-Amp Saddle Mount Alternator. Whether you’re running essential electronics or powering onboard systems, this alternator delivers reliable and efficient charging. With a single V-groove pulley design and a 50-amp output capacity, it ensures optimal power transfer and meets the electrical demands of your marine adventures. The inclusion of a tachometer lead further enhances its versatility for engine monitoring. Engineered for diesel engines and backed by a one-year warranty, this alternator is a dependable choice for enhancing your vessel’s electrical capabilities.


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