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October 28, 2020
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Westerbeke 12V 50-Amp, V-Groove Pulley, Replces Westerbeke #43953


Fits Westerbeke
Rplc. # 43953
Single V-Groove Pulley
For Use On Diesel Engines Only
OE# 43953

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Energize Your Westerbeke Engines with the 12V 50-Amp V-Groove Pulley Alternator

Power up your Westerbeke engines with the 12V 50-Amp V-Groove Pulley Alternator, designed to replace Westerbeke #43953. Here are the key features that make it perfect for your applications:

  • Fits Westerbeke Engines: This alternator is a precise fit for Westerbeke engines, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
  • Rplc. # 43953: Designed to replace Westerbeke part number 43953, this alternator is a reliable choice for your Westerbeke engine.
  • Single V-Groove Pulley: The alternator features a single V-Groove pulley, which enhances power transfer and ensures efficient performance.
  • For Use On Diesel Engines Only: Specifically engineered for diesel engines, this alternator is ideal for your Westerbeke engine, ensuring compatibility and reliability.
  • OE# 43953: The OE part number 43953 confirms its compatibility with Westerbeke engines, making it a dependable choice.
  • Warranty: For added peace of mind, this alternator comes with a one-year warranty, highlighting its durability and dependability.

With the 12V 50-Amp V-Groove Pulley Alternator, you can confidently energize your Westerbeke engines. It’s designed to fit Westerbeke engines, specifically engineered for diesel applications, and identified by the OE part number 43953. The single V-Groove pulley optimizes power transfer, ensuring efficient performance. Plus, it’s backed by a one-year warranty, demonstrating its reliability for your applications.

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