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Yanmar 3JH, 4JH, 6LY, 4LH & 6CX Engs. 12V 80-Amp Hitachi Style Alternator, Replaces Yanmar #119573-7


Hitachi Style
Hitachi-Style Alternator
For Use On Diesel Engines
Rplc. Hitachi # LR180-03C; LR155-20
Fits Yanmar 3Jh, 4Jh, 6Ly,
4LH & 6CX. This Alternator
Can Be Replaced By API #’s
20025 Or 20109
Supplied With A
Tachometer Connection
Isolated Ground
Arco# 84150
OE# 129470-77200
Sierra# 18-6278


Key Features:

  • Exactness in Style: This alternator, designed in the Hitachi style, is engineered with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring precision and reliability. It’s your perfect replacement for Yanmar #119573-7 and fits a range of Yanmar engines, including 3JH, 4JH, 6LY, 4LH, and 6CX.
  • Built for Diesel Engines: Tailored for use on diesel engines, this alternator guarantee efficient and reliable power for your marine equipment.
  • Compatible with Hitachi Models: This Hitachi-style alternator is a dependable replacement for Hitachi models LR180-03C and LR155-20, ensuring compatibility and a seamless fit for your specific application.
  • Tachometer Connection Included: Supplied with a tachometer connection, this alternator is ready to provide you with accurate performance data for your diesel engine.
  • Isolated Ground: Featuring an isolated ground design, this alternator ensures stable and interference-free performance, enhancing the reliability of your electrical systems.
  • API Alternator Options: This alternator can be conveniently replaced by API part numbers 20025 or 20109, offering flexibility and choice for your power solution.
  • Arco# 84150: Compatible with Arco part number 84150, this alternator adheres to the high standards of the marine industry.
  • OE# 129470-77200: This alternator proudly carries the OE# 129470-77200 designation, underlining its quality and compatibility with your Yanmar engine.
  • Sierra# 18-6278: Also compatible with Sierra part number 18-6278, this alternator is a trusted and reliable solution for your marine needs.
  • 1-Year Warranty: We stand behind the quality of our product with a 1-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind for your purchase.


  • Product Name: Yanmar 3JH, 4JH, 6LY, 4LH & 6CX Engines 12V 80-Amp Hitachi Style Alternator
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amperage: 80-Amp
  • Compatibility: Replaces Yanmar #119573-7
  • Replaces Hitachi Models: LR180-03C, LR155-20
  • Compatible with Yanmar Models: 3JH, 4JH, 6LY, 4LH, 6CX
  • API Alternator Replacement: API #’s 20025 or 20109
  • Tachometer Connection: Included
  • Isolated Ground: Yes
  • Arco#: 84150
  • OE#: 129470-77200
  • Sierra#: 18-6278
  • Warranty: 1 year

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