How to Change Yamaha Lower Unit Oil

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May 8, 2017
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how to change yamaha lower unit oil

Changing oil on your Yamaha engine sounds like a really simple thing to do, but if you have never done it before, it could be quite tricky. To make sure you do it correctly, follow these useful tips on how to change Yamaha lower unit oil.

  1. Make sure the outboard is on the right position, which is vertical and upright. Find the lower and upper fill & drain plugs then place a container underneath it to place the oil.

step 1

  1. Remove the lower drain plug after you make sure that you put the container on the right spot, because the oil might begin to drip

step 2

  1. Remove the upper drain plug. Doing this will release the vacuum inside the outboard that will let the oil to flow and drain quickly.

step 3

  1. Wait until all the leftover oil drain completely. It shouldn’t be too long and only takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

step 4

  1. After you drain the oil, you can start to refill the unit. There are a few different types of apparatuses available in the market for changing your Yamaha lower unit oil, it ranges from tubes to squeeze bottles, but the most comfortable option is probably the squeeze bottle. Simply insert the squeeze bottle to the lower drain hole and then squeeze to release the oil from the bottle.

step 5

  1. Don’t stop adding the oil until the lubricant from the top hole is flowing nicely without air bubbles.

step 6

  1. Plug the lower drain hole while you install the upper plug. You can do it either by using your finger to plug the hole or simply keep the oil bottle in the bottom plug. Doing that will create a vacuum that will keep the oil from spilling when you install the bottom plug later.

step 7

  1. Now remove your finger or the bottle out of the lower hole and put the drain plug in place. Even though you have created a vacuum, you still need to do this as quickly as possible because the oil will still drip out of the unplugged hole. If you somehow make a mistake and there’s an excessive amount of oil drip, then you need to add another bottle of oil. When the refilling is done, tighten both plugs with your hand and clean any oil spill on your lower unit.

step 8
Always make sure that your lower unit is filled with enough before you operate your outboard, because if not, it can cause serious damage that will cost a lot of money to repair. Checking the oil level is not difficult, pretty much like checking the oil of your car. Just remove the upper oil plug then insert a small wire into the hole about an inch deep and take it out. If the wire touches the oil then you know that the oil is at the right level. If you don’t find any oil on the wire then it should be refilled until you reach the right level.

So that was a brief tutorial on how to change yamaha lower unit oil. If your lower unit is out of order and you are looking for new one then visit our site to find out right lower unit.

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