Top 10 Outboard Engines for Your Boat

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Top 10 Outboard Engines for Your Boat

Before going into the selection of the best outboard engines, first we will see what an outboard engine is. So an outboard engine is propulsion system for boats and consists of an engine, gearbox and propeller or jet drive. They are mounted at the rear part of the board and propeller provide thurst to move the boat forward. They have a power range from 2hp to 557hp and available in different sizes. So, no matter what kind of craft you have you can find the one which best suits your need. There are three most popular types of outboard engines which are:

  1. Two-stroke engines

    They are old engines and not in use now a days, so if you have an older boat, your engine is likely two-strokes. These engines require a mixture of oil and fuel to run and emits pollutants, so they are fatal for the environment.

  2. Four-stroke engines

    Now they are being used commonly, and most new motors are four-stroke. They run quieter, doesn’t emit much pollution and have more fuel efficiency than two-stroke engines.

  3. Electric engines

    These engines run on battery power instead of fuel so they are environment friendly. But make sure you have a charger kit when you go into the water so you don’t risk having a dead battery in the middle of a sea.

So here is a list of top 10 outboard engines, which are worth the price paid:

1. Tohatsu 70 TLDI

This is a low range, less weight and power and a fuel efficient engine. It’s regulated by a multi sensor informed ECU (Engine Control Unit), air-assisted direct fuel injection briefly mixes fuel & air. You can get this for only 315 pounds.

2. Honda BF6

This is a new single-cylinder, four-stroke engine available in a 4,5 or 6 hp unit, and has weighs only 27kgs. It has a comfortable, easy-carry handle, and have a adjustable propeller options to match your needs and aslo have a robust 6A alternator to support your electronic gear. You can get this for 1,199 pounds.

3. Yamaha 150

It is also called as bullet proof because of its application in every condition, whether salt or water, single or twin. Inside it, there is is packed in-line four cylinder block which is quiet and produce economical power which is monitored by a Engine Control Module (ECM).

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This is an upper range outboard with twin-cylinder 351cc four-stroke engine. It is lightweight, efficient and a durable unit. It comes in various shaft lengths and with tiller or remote operation. And have a builtin features like start-in-gear protection and a rev limiter. You can have this for 2,258 pounds.

5. Evinrude E-Tec 225

It is very popular for best performance on saltwater fishing boats, bass boats, and pontoon boats because of its advanced DFI two-stroke engine. And you don’t need a scheduled service for 3 years or 300 running hours, and produces fuel efficient thrilling speed.


This outboard comes with a Direct Injection two-strokes engine, and claimed by a manufacturer to produce 80 percent less CO as compared to the equivalent four-stroke. It comes with maintenance free operation for 3-years or 300 hours and have a plenty of crisp throttle respose for small sporting boats.

7. Mercury Verado 275

This is high power outboard unit having a four-stroke Verado which is supercharged for producing high power and for smooth running has been vibration-dampened. It also has a Engine Guardian which helps in monitoring all major engine functions to have smooth and efficient working.

8. Suzuki DF 300

The best outboard offered by Suzuki having 300hp and weighs only 604lbs. It is more than a powerful four-stroke. One boasting the lowest ratio for power-to-weight. A great value for money with great performance.


This is a direct Injection two-stroke weighing only 143kgs and having a tag price of 7,884 pounds is best in this price range a company has to offer. It comes with a 5 year warranty and have a good reputation for durability which makes it to be listed in this list.


Its a class-leading designed with keeping power-to-weight ratio in mind, sits on the pinnacle of the Suzuki’s mid range outboard engines. It has a 2,044cc four-cylinder with a 16-valve DOHC powerhead. It also have great feature such as O2 Sensor Feedback System and a Knock Sensor, plus Suzuki has Lean Burn Control and newly designed cowling. So this is one of the best mid range outboards.


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