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October 27, 2020
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Honda 200-225 HP 9 Tooth O/B Starter


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The Honda 200-225 HP 9 Tooth Outboard Starter is designed to provide reliable starting performance for Honda outboard engines in the 200-225 horsepower range. With a 9-tooth configuration, this starter ensures efficient engagement with the engine’s flywheel, contributing to smooth and effective engine starting.

Key Features:

  • Application: Specifically designed for Honda outboard engines with a power range of 200-225 HP. Engineered to meet the requirements of these high-performance motors, ensuring optimal functionality.
  • Tooth Configuration: Features a 9-tooth design for precise and secure engagement with the flywheel. The tooth configuration is selected to enhance the starting process, contributing to the overall efficiency of your Honda outboard engine.
  • Durability: Built to Honda’s quality standards, this starter is crafted from durable materials to withstand the rigors of marine environments. It is designed for longevity and dependable performance in various boating conditions.
  • Easy Installation: The starter is designed for easy and straightforward installation on compatible Honda outboard engines. Its design aligns with the specifications of the supported models for a hassle-free integration process.
  • Warranty: Covered by a 1-year warranty, the Honda 200-225 HP 9 Tooth Outboard Starter is backed by a guarantee of quality and performance. The warranty period provides assurance and support for any unexpected issues, offering peace of mind for users.

Upgrade your Honda outboard engine with this purpose-built starter, designed to meet the specific requirements of engines in the 200-225 HP range. The 9-tooth configuration, durability, and warranty coverage make it a reliable choice for marine enthusiasts seeking consistent and efficient engine starting.

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